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Tips to Install Automated Swinging Gates for Home

by harry (follow)
Swinging gates are essential for areas where the gates cannot remain open all the while. The automated swinging gates are installed in those places where permission or some special kind of checking is required for the automobiles to pass. This ensures that no automobile can get an entry unless the concerned authority permits it. The gate remains closed till the authority satisfies themselves of the requirements.

This battery operated gate opening system is something that requires certain things to be kept in the mind while installing. These are described underneath.

Automated Swinging Gates
Automated Swinging Gates

Determine the Position First

It is important that you plan to install the automated swinging gates inside the property area or fence line. Make sure not to install it where the public will have easy access to the gates. The gate opener should be in the center position so that you can reduce flexing and twisting. This will also prevent back splash during the time of rain.

Put the Post Bracket Assembly

This one sets the clearance between the open and closed position of the gate and the gate opener. You should assemble and attach it to the rear mount. The fate bracket should be on the front mount. When the gate is open and the opener arm is totally retracted, make adjustments to the gate bracket and the bracket assembly. . The adjustment should be done when the opener is in level. C-clamps should be used temporarily to keep the gate bracket and post bracket assembly in the right position. After you have totally verified the open and closed positions, install the post bracket assembly.

Next, Mount the Opener Arm

Fix the opener arm of the automated swinging gates to the gate bracket and the post bracket assembly. Then make sure that the opener arm is at the proper level and adjusted to the post bracket assembly if required.

Installation of the Stop Plates

These help in keeping the gate stabilized while the gate is closed. Disengage the gate opener and then move the gate to the closed position. Fix the closed position stop plate at the end. Slide it to the closed position towards the gate post until they touch. Once done, tighten the hardware totally. Return the gate to the open position and then reconnect to the gate bracket to the opener arm.

Automated Gates

Mount the Control Box and Connect the Battery Wires

The control box should be almost 3 feet above the ground. This will protect the gate from snow and splash. It should also be 3 feet higher from the source of AC power. Then run the wire through the control box. Connect the red and black wires to the appropriate terminals.

Connect the Gate Opener Power Cable and Transformer

Insert the power cable from the strain relief slot of the control box. Then attach the power cables to the right terminal blocks marked by the color. A transformer should be connected to maintain the charge of the battery.

Set the Closed Position Limit

The entry transmitter should be used to program the closed position limit of the control board. The stall force potentiometer on the control board controls the obstruction. Screwdrivers are to be used to adjust the potentiometer.

Set the Closing Time

There is an auto close timer. This will indicate the time for which the gate will remain open. The timing can be adjusted as per the needs of the person.

Adjust Transmitter Code and Install Warning Signs

You need to change the transmitter settings for security reasons of the automated swinging gates. Another thing that is important is installing the warning signs on both the sides of the gate. Installing such a gate has become a necessity in special areas and government buildings. Even some people install them in their homes for privacy reasons.
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