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Things to Know about Concrete Sealing

by harry (follow)
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Most homeowners are looking for ways and means to increase value to their property and make it long lasting. Concrete is generally used in those areas of your home where there is heavy traffic and footfall. These include porches, driveways, swimming pool sides and even verandahs.

Concrete Sealing
Concrete Sealing

Maintenance can increase the appeal besides increasing the value of your home. Most concrete surfaces are sturdy and tend to last for a long period of time, but once the process of deterioration starts it is difficult to get this back into its original shape.

Exterior surfaces, which are subject to extreme cold need to be sealed with the high quality sealers. Concrete sealing also helps in reduction of dust, resistance to abrasion, stain repellant and in general an appealing look to the total set-up.

Basic Benefits of Concrete Sealing:

1. Patios and Driveways need to be sealed for the purpose of basic maintenance. Sealers, which are slip-resistant, work ideally as they can provide the required comfort and convenience. As it is concrete is porous in nature, and it can absorb all kinds of spills, so the sealers have to be selected accordingly, to avoid any type of seepage or loosening of the concrete.

2. There are possibilities of the driveways or patios being stained for many reasons. Sealing the concrete on a regular basis can help you avoid this problem.

3. Sealing can also prevent damage due to freeze-thaw, which is common in places with extreme winter temperatures. This damage means the concrete tends to get cracked or even tends to go through surface flaking. Using the right sealer the water is unable to sink into the concrete surface, be it a patio or a driveway.

Application of Sealers:

Using simple tools like a pump-up sprayer or a paint roller you can apply the sealer on your own without spending even a penny. You can choose between the reactive penetrating sealers, acrylic-resin sealers or the high-performance sealers like the 100% solids-epoxies. These high performance sealers need to be applied by experienced professionals.
The sealers need to be applied once the concrete surface can withstand the weight of the installation. High performance sealers need to be applied only after the concrete is cured fully.

Concrete Sealing
Concrete Sealing

How to choose an Ideal Sealer:


The sealer should not emit any fuels, which are harmful, and also be slip-resistant. This is more so with projects indoors.


You find sealers in different levels of sheen. There are the satin ones and also the glossy ones. A high level of gloss offers a great enrichment of color. Concrete sealing acts as a barrier against all sort of chemical spillage on the floor such as coffee, juices, wine and brake fluid. These also stop water retention and any kind of fungal growth on the corner of the floors.


Different sealers offer different levels of durability, requirements of maintenance, resistance to weather and thickness. You need to make a choice keeping your requirements in mind. Concrete sealers add an aesthetic value to your home, thereby enhancing the resale value of your existing property. If you use concrete sealing methods, then there will be no requirement to use heavy polishing, wood painting and using carpet on the floors, to retain and protect the quality of the floors.

Keeping the various factors in mind you can look for the required sealer online. There are multiple suppliers offering the different types of sealers. As mentioned above there is no way you can compromise on the quality as this can affect the effectiveness and the performance of the sealer. Saving a few dollars and avoiding sealing the concrete surfaces is being ‘penny wise pound foolish’. Sealing can help you enjoy the driveway or the patio for a long time without any problems.

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