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Splashbacks – To Keep Your Kitchen Everlastingly Young!

by adamwilson (follow)
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Splashbacks is a sheet or a panel of glass or plastic attached to a wall for example above a basin or behind the gas stove to protect the wall against splashing. It can be used in the kitchen, living room, bathrooms or even in bedrooms for decoration.

Glass Splashbacks for Kitchen

Use and Benefits of Splashbacks

Splashbacks for Interiors - Use splashbacks to keep your Interiors clean and sparkling. This acts as a decorative part of interiors too. Various designs and colors are available in Splashbacks. One can change the look of the interior by using it. It is a modern alternative for tiles. These are custom made and are fixed according to the space and decor of the room. The popularity of splashbacks is increasing because of its aesthetic benefits.

Easy Installation - Splashbacks are manufactured in such a way that it can be fixed to the wall in no time, with minimal efforts.

Wide Selection - Astonishing varieties of splashbacks in various colors are also available, especially in glass.

Durability - Stainless steel splashbacks are durable and protected from getting rusted. Glass splashbacks are made from toughened glass and hence the risk of breaking is minimized making them last long. They endure all types of scratches.

Other Variants - One can use LED lights as a part of its decoration. The glass gives you a diffusing effect and it looks highly stylish and modern.

Ease of Use - Splashbacks are very easy to clean. It doesn’t require any scrubbing.

Health Benefits - It poses great hygiene reasons especially while using it in the kitchen.

Glass Splashbacks for Kitchen

For anyone working in the kitchen, be it at their house or at the place of business – like a pantry of an office, splashbacks are an essential part of life. A kitchen is an area where a lot of heat is produced. Glass kitchen Splashbacks can cope with more than 300-degree Celsius temperature. The best thing is that they are even fire proof. A kitchen is a place that gets dirty easily and becomes unhygienic for everyone due to the use of various stainable food items. If you use splashbacks, the area can be cleaned very easily and hence, the possibility of having an unhygienic kitchen can be totally ruled out. These splashbacks have a flat surface and there are no chances of having hidden germs and bacteria’s in the creases. Splashbacks are meant for a healthy and safe kitchen.

There are many different types of kitchen splashbacks. Some choose to make the splashback from the single piece of material while others prefer a more mosaic kind of look to the finished wall. They are useful to place behind Microwave or worktop ovens, above sinks and in the eating area.

Installing Glass flashbacks in the Kitchen

• To check if your wall is in level, clean it with some sugar soap and measure the space where you want to stick it.

• Kitchen bench is used to support the weight of splashback otherwise you have to install support for its weight.

• Put masking top on the bench top about 2mm away from the wall.

• Place a bead of translucent natural cure silicone along the edge of bench top against the wall to prevent any water getting to the wall. Apply Silicone to the back of the splashback. Place the front side of your splashback on a towel to prevent any scratching.

• Gently push your splash back into the selected place.

Glass Splashbacks for Kitchen

People who look for a modern alternative to tiles opt for Splashbacks for its numerous benefits. For all those people who love style, class, and hygiene, splashbacks are just the thing for your home!

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