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Some Designs Related With Granny Flats Plans To Look For

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Sometimes, a member of the family may wish to stay alone on his or her own terms. If the member does not wish to relocate or shift to a new house, then there is one excellent option to go forward with. It is called as a granny house or granny flat. They require less space and can be constructed just a few feet away from the main home. It can be a space in the veranda or backyard of the house, which can be used in lending out for a bit of more income as well. Granny flats are not just meant for the elderly people of the family, it can be used for anyone who needs some space for himself or herself. However, if you have no such members in your house then you can rent out the space you have.

The perfect granny flats plans will have a living room, a bed room, a bathroom, kitchen and a lawn. However, one can create a plan based on own needs, and one can even have playroom, office space, studio and a guest room. One can even build a stylish and modern flat and have a multipurpose space in the home premises. Well, the more creativity you have the more special your granny house can be.

Different granny flats plans to know

There are different styles available to make a perfect granny flat design based on our own requirements. Let us check out few of the common ones as follows.

One bedroom flat: If there no much requirements for a granny home then one living space, one bedroom, one kitchen and a bathroom can be enough for the needs. It can be a simple place with more privacy features. It can be even used by your children in their young age if they wish to have their own space away from the family.

Two bedrooms flat: If there are two grand parents or two people who wish to share a flat then a two bedroom tiny flat with a complete kitchen and a bathroom can fulfil the requirements. There is more space in such flats and one can enjoy any hobbies, be it music, peaceful reading, or anything else. It can even be offered to the guests who come from distant places for a visit.

Mini granny flat: Well, even if there is no space, a granny flat can still be designed in a unique manner. The granny flat plans can be fixed in a garage of the house and one can add one bedroom and one room, a kitchen if required. One can do anything based on the requirements, budget and of course imagination, which plays a great role in creating a special place for a special person.

Three bedrooms granny house: If you have a bigger budget and good space, then this plan can work out very well. It would look like a new home away from the main home. It shall satisfy all the desires of the people who wish to stay in home dethatched from the other members of the house.

What Spaces to Add in the Granny Flat Plans?

The answer depends on your requirements and budget in hand. However, some of the mandatory components in a granny flat should be-

Storage place: One cannot stuff things at any corner of the flat making the space look messy. Therefore, hidden storage is important.

Bathroom: It is a must when a person is staying away from the main place. So, do not forget to consider this.

Small kitchen: For refreshments, there is a need to have a small kitchen in which one can cook what they like.

More luxury can be added, depending on your desire, the space availability, and of course the budget.

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