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Occupational Evaluation Products Help Deficiencies and Skills Detected Early In Life

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You find that occupational therapy products and assessments can be a great help in determining a certain deficiency or even a skill in a person. These products can be used by doctors, parents and also teachers.

Occupational Evaluation Products

There are a number of products in this category, few of which are listed below:

1. Determine handwriting and grips

Handwriting is a complex process of managing written language by coordinating eyes, hands, grip, and pencil and body posture. Occupational therapist can help children in overcoming this problem. Occupational therapist can help the children in observing their physical endurance to the pencil. They determine the child visual ability which helps in taking the perception of forming the alphabet. You can think of the PFOT low profile slant boards. A spring clip can hold the paper tight and this is made from lightweight, high quality plastic which is easy to carry. The edges are smooth so they tend to be safe. This does not break even if it is dropped, besides which the 20 degree angle is apt for writing offering the benefits for positioning of the neck, eyes, trunk, shoulders, arm and also hand. The overlay which is optional can provide a writing surface which can improve your handwriting without the pen or pencil slipping.

2. Self opening scissors

This pair of scissors is useful when there is lack of finger strength or when or the motor planning of the close/open pattern which is required for cutting is tough. The tiny spring attached to the scissors help the scissors to open themselves automatically. This looks like any other conventional scissors with plastic finger openings but re-opens automatically when the pressure is released. You find that the plastic around the finger holes is wider as compared to others so as to assist the stability of the fingers. These self opening scissors are perfect for weak hands and help in increasing strength with resistance.

3. TSI: You have products which makes it convenient to identify sensory integrative dysfunction in young children. This helps you test your child early so that the problem is not left unattended and can be sorted out in early childhood. This TSI is designed for kids between the ages 3 to 5 years and includes 36 items which measure the overall sensory integration besides three domains which are significant clinically, that is Reflex Integration, Bilateral Motor Integration and Postural Control.

4. Oral and Speech Skills

The evaluations for speech and oral skills can give you an in-depth knowledge of the reading skills besides the speaking skills of your child. With the TECEL (Test of Early Communication and Emerging Language) you are able to assess the language abilities of toddlers and even infants. If adults face language delays this is helpful there too.

5. Products on Cognitive Assessments

Adults or children facing neurological problems can be evaluated with the help of cognitive assessments. With CTONI-2 (Comprehensive Test of Non Verbal Intelligence) you are able to measure general intelligence of children and adults whose performance might be low in the traditional tests due to some sort of impairment involving motor or language abilities.

6. Autism

One can easily identify children with autism through observation. Look for ASD (ASperger Diagnostic Scale). With the help of this scale, one can easily determine that weather the child is suffering from autism or not.

7. Hidden Pictures book

There are these books which can determine the visual skills of your child with a lot many pictures hidden in the puzzles. You child needs to go alphabet wise and find the pictures which can determine the visual skills of your child.

With a number of occupational evaluation products available online you can look for the one in accordance to your requirement. You might not need all of them, but you do have options which can help you evaluate the different skills of your child and even if there is some impairment, you need not worry since it is detected early enough to be treated. There is evaluation products which can detect all the skills possible and also the deficiencies. These work well not only with doctors, but also with mothers and probably teachers.

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