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Luxury Cat Boarding: The Best Comfort Level Homes for Pet Cats

by harry (follow)
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luxury cat boarding

When the owners of the home are on vacations for some days, they keep their pets at boarding houses. Cat boarding refers to the shelter houses for pet cats, whose owners have gone away from home for a few days in purpose of business or to holiday in a faraway place. The pet cat can very well become one of the best companions of yours; the problem arises when you are supposed to go away to some place for a few days and is not sure about where to keep his or her beloved cat. The concept of luxury cat boarding has solved all these type of problems faced by cat owners like you, regularly.

The creches are the traditional shelter for pet animals when you have gone away for a while. Few years back, it has been noticed that creche owners often did not treat the pet animals properly.

After these incidents have come to light, it is indeed the duty of owners like you to avoid the use of these creches for your loving pet. Also these creches did not have too many personnel to take care of the huge number of cats present in them at a time. Hence not only your cats remained malnourished but also the very small and claustrophobic cages present in these creches made life for your loving pet cats absolutely miserable. It is then that the concept of luxury cat boarding came to the fore front. It is always wise for you to select luxury boarding over the creches so as to avoid these problems.


The luxury boarding for the cats is a welcome relief for everyone including both the pet and its owner as compared to living conditions provided to pets at the creches. The cost for keeping the cat in a boarding is slightly higher than the cost of keeping the pet chained in a creche. Not only the personnel or the groomers present in the boarding better trained to handle the pets but also can provide a particular pet with specific comfort levels as directed by you beforehand.

luxury cat boarding

The creches were very small and claustrophobic for the pet cats. But in a luxury boarding for the cat, the feline individual is provided with all the objects of comfort that it used to get from its master at its original home. The adequate amount of space in the boarding allows the pet cat to roam around freely in the house. Sometimes even customized bedrooms and bathrooms are made specifically for a particular cat. This ensures that the cat does not feel that it is in a strange and unfamiliar territory.

Services offered at luxury boarding of cats:

The groomers present in a particular luxury boarding of cats are trained by true professional and experts about how to handle the pet cats. These personnel have quite a bit of knowledge about cats and their behavior in general.

The groomers make it a point to very carefully listen to all the instructions of yours. Each pet cat is special to the owner and the groomer ensures that each cat gets equal amount of love and care from them as well. The cats are very special pet animals and can be lovely companions; the groomers ensure that in your absence, the feline individuals do not feel left out.

Other than the regular services included in the respective package that you choose, the personnel at these luxury cat boarding also trains the pet cat to perform certain activities, upon getting the signal from you and hence making the cat an even lovelier and cute pet to have around. The cats are provided with the prescribed food as directed by you; the pet cat is regularly taken for strolls and also regularly cleaned.

In other words whatever you instruct the groomer to do to the cat is done by him or her. Maintaining proper health of the cat is of utmost priority of the groomers at these luxury boarding. These cat boarding can rightly be called as a home away from home for the pet cats whose owners have gone off to some place for a while. You can feel relaxed after giving your pet in the hands of luxury boarding houses and then you can easily go out for vacations.

Get in touch to get some more important information about luxury cat boarding.

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