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Know About Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet

by harry (follow)

perforated stainless still sheet

We often find lovely furniture for our elegant home decor or garden decoration items made out of perforated stainless steel sheets. These sheets are very popular for the decorative items, and but are highly practical and functional consumer products that are widely used in construction. The perforated steel sheets have also found massive use in the industrial sectors because these accommodate wires to pass through. The sheets are also accommodating to fluids; liquids and even gases can pass over them, flow to inlets, and even pass through them.

The ground material and the benefits:

The perforated stainless steel sheet is the vital element for various industries. Especially construction because it is cut out from a highly durable and unique alloy- the stainless steel. This is an alloy of steel with at least 10% chromium, and other metals like nickel and molybdenum. Below mentioned are some useful features this robust metal:

The alloy is made to ensure durability and fight against corrosion.
These sheets do not get affected by atmospheric moisture and are hence rust proof.
They are stronger than normal steel or carbon sheets.
They are available in fifteen different grades for various purposes.

However, the perforated stainless steel sheets are not just 100% stain proof, its highly beneficial metallurgic features justifies its name being “stainless”. Stainless steel sheets are available in different finishes for different aesthetic values, and some common favorites are coarse abrasive surface, satin, mirror, brushed, matte, reflective etc.

Fabrication of perforated stainless steel sheet:

The fabrication process is quite complicated; this complex procedure needs high-end technology to get the maximum functionality and best results. But the most important thing is the quality of the stainless steel. The material is available in series based on different compositions (100 to 600 series). It is important that the manufacturers use the correct grade of steel for good quality perforated sheets.

Below mentioned are two common methods which are most widely followed throughout the world for manufacturing perforated stainless steel sheet.

All-across perforation: The first method is more approved. Here the perforation is done in a fixed pattern by an overall press. So the entire material receives a fixed row of holes. The press is controlled with supreme precision and the repetitive pattern is exactly embedded on the sheets when the alloy sheet goes through it. The entire sheet is cut into pieces of formerly approved measurements and it is an automatically after perforation. The perforated stainless steel sheet can be kept intact if needed or can be rolled in a coil as per the requirement.

Sectional perforation: The second method is a dual axis method. The puncturing press here acts as a sectional press. In this process the ground material (stainless steel sheets in this case) is placed beneath a fixed puncturing head with various perforation patterns by the machines, and a dual horizontal axis guides the sheet in place. As a result the holes made in the alloy sheets are dependent on the machine program; this can be used when a specifically desired kind or non-repetitive and unique kind of perforation is required in the sheet instead of regular repetitive patterns. This method is also preferred when the raw sheet itself is too large for manual placing in the all-across machine.

Whichever method may be used for fabricating the perforated stainless steel sheet, this corrosion free metal sheet is surely high quality, sturdy yet adaptable metal sheets with superior endurance, and hence is extremely useful for a number of industrial processes. The sheets can be easily rolled into arches, cylinders and other shapes. It is something best to the steel industry.

Do you want to know more? Let’s have a look to know more about perforated stainless steel sheet.
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