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How to Keep Your Roller Shutters Clean At All Times

by harry (follow)
Roller shutters are one of the most common type of doors used in garages, schools etc. These shutters consist of a number of horizontal slabs that are attached together. They can be opened manually as well as with the help of a motor. This makes them quite suitable for windows as well. Though roller shutters may look like a good option in terms of safety and protection, they may also become a challenge to clean them up because of the different panels.

Keep Your Roller Shutters Clean
Keep Your Roller Shutters Clean

How To Clean Roller Shutters?

Shutter often stop working or get jammed up when a lot of dirt gets build-up in between them. This is likely to happen when your door or window is more prone to dust. Here are a few steps that will help you out in keeping your roller shutters clean-

Sweep the shutters as frequently as possible. This will keep the dirt from getting stuck deep inside.
Check the pelmets regularly for any residual leaves or sticks that may have gotten blown up by the wind or rain.
Sweep or brush the holes for ventilation. Dirt loves to hide out in such spots.
Try to wash your shutters after a certain period of time. The best way to maintain them is by washing them at least every three months. In order to clean them, adjust the shutters into the vented position and spray up some water over them. Use a sponge soaked in soap to wash up the dirt stuck in between.
Once you have cleaned up all the dirt, make sure that you wipe the roller shutters dry before you bring them down.
If you find a lot of scratches on the surface of the shutters, you must go to a hardware store and buy a polish with methyl spirits. This polish will not only cover the blemishes but it will also remove the stubborn dirt that is lodged in between.
In thecase of a heavy storm or heavy winds blowing outside, go out and check the condition of your roller shutters as soon as it gets over. Such an event may hinder the movement or cause a lot of dirt to collect in the vents.

Keep Your Roller Shutters Clean
Cleaning Roller Shutter

Do’s And Don’ts

Here are some additional steps that you must take care of, if you want a long life for your shutters-

Do not use any type of lubricants or sprays over the shutters. These kinds of substances tend to be sticky in nature and attract a lot of dirt. If you really want to polish your roller shutters, go for one with anti-static coating.
Do not let your roller shutters sit around. This will leave them useless over a long period of time. For the best results, keep using the shutters on a regular basis.
Do not leave any item below your shutter in such a way that it prohibits the movement of the roller shutters. This can cause permanent damage to the shutter, restraining its function of moving up and down.
Whenever you open or close the shutters, do it with care. If you slam down the shutters hard, they will definitely some sort of wear or tear.
You must lubricate the rails from time to time. But the lubricant must not be sticky.
Manual shutters are more prone to damages. If you have one at your home or office, you need to take care of it more often than motorized shutters.
If you follow the above tips closely, the roller shutters will be more successful in protecting you.
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