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General Test of Strength with Dynamometer Grip Devices

by harry (follow)
Hands are the most wonderful tools given to man and it give us dexterity and control like no other species on earth. With such a few movements of our fingers, we can hold, turn, twist, grip, cut, scrape, pull, push and do many other absolutely amazing activities which may seem to be difficult and daunting with no hands. Unfortunately, many lose muscle strength in their hands due to serious pathological conditions like nerve injury, tendon damage, neuromuscular disorders and most common carpal tunnel syndrome. Pathological science has made great advancements in this area with great diagnostic techniques like manual muscle testing and dynamometer grip strength measurements and subsequent evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation processes.

hand grip dynamometer

Grip Dynamometry for Quantitative Assessment

Dyno meter are basically devices for measuring power or force. These are prevalent in the auto and manufacturing industry to measure the power produced in an engine or rotor. These are also used to quantify the power and torque needed to drive a machine like a pump. Additionally, dynamometers are also part of complex emission testing cycles, power simulations, calibration procedures and other engine development technologies.

There are Several Classifications of Dynamometers Into:


As well as Engine dyno and Chassis dyno depending on the coupling technique

In medical science, this highly useful device has been put to use capably for routine screening of muscle strength and grip for evaluation of patients suffering from hand dysfunctions and trauma.

Dynamometers provide a more sensitive measurement of muscle strength as compared to the manual tests and results can be collated on a continuous scale to see trends and effects. By comparing these readings with normal data, the extent of muscle strength loss can be easily ascertained. With initial and ongoing screenings, progress or deterioration in the pathological condition can also be monitored.

Dynamometer Grip Strength Testing

Clinical evaluation with dynamometer grip strength is based on measuring the grip strength of patients with hand problems as well in medical cases where compromise of peripheral or cervical nerves is suspected. In the scientific fields of kinesiology, ergonomics and rehabilitation, these measurement devices are used for evaluating the physical state and ability to perform in workers, patients and sports athletes by measuring grip, arm, leg and back muscle strength. This evaluation technique has gained prominence in sports medicine to ensure the physical fitness and consistent performance of top athletes, sport stars and other high profile celebrities.

The test is focused on measuring the maximum isometric power in the forearm and hand muscles that are employed in the movement of a forming a grip. This test can be critical for people who need to use hands for power activities like sports involving catching, lifting or throwing action as well as for other who need sufficiently strong hand grips for normal functioning. Generally, the test is the best way to test strength in hands.

The procedure is quite simple with the light-weight dynamometer grip strength testing devices that come with digital displays and compact bodies. The patient just needs to grip the dynamometer in the hand that is being tested at the angle that is recommended by the technician so that the base of the handle rests on the heel of palm while fingers grip the main handle. When the patient squeezes the handle continuously for a short period of time, the display gives out the reading of the maximum isometric force exerted in this effort. As this value is used to evaluate muscle strength, patients are usually advised to sit comfortably, restrict any other movement and put in maximum effort during the test for accurate reading and correct evaluations.

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