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Factors to Decide While You Buy Foam Mattresses From The Market

by jacwi (follow)
A quality bed is essential because it is not every day that one might want to change it. At the same time, the quality of the mattress is also of great importance. A good quality mattress can give the needed comfort and the required rest to your back and body. A good mattress can also help in getting you a good night’s sleep after a hard and busy day. At the same time, it is important to pay a little thought to the kind of mattress that is good for you. There are many types of mattresses available today and of the many, foam mattresses are the most popular.

Foam Mattresses

Knowing foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are so called because of they are different types of foam for the support system. They can be classified into different types depending on the type of foam used, the size and also thickness. The three main foam mattresses are memory foam mattresses, latex and also memory foam toppers.

Memory foam mattresses: On its outer foam, a visco elastic foam is used while the core is filled with polyurethane, but a firmer type. The feel of the mattress and the comfort it provides depends on the thickness of the mattress and also on how much the outer and inner foam weigh.

**Latex foam mattresses: The sap of a tree named Hevea Brasiliensis along with synthetic latex is used to make latex mattresses. Depending upon the manufacturer, latex foam mattresses can vary in its heaviness and the density.

Memory foam toppers: This one is a cheaper form of foam mattresses. It is called so because a usual mattress is topped with piece of memory foam, in the thickness varying from 1 to 4 inches.

Understanding the terms of foam mattresses

Whenever and wherever you go to buy a foam mattress, it is important to understand some terms so that you end up buying the best one that is suited to you and your family.

Density: It is the density of the foam mattress that decides its longevity. The density of a foam mattress can range between two and half to 8 pounds per foot cubed. Doctors recommend a foam mattress with a density of 4 as it is friendly to our back.

Impression Load Deflection: Though sounds a like a confusing scientific term, it actually refers to the firmness of the mattress. Softer foam has an ILD of 8 while the firmest mattress has the ILD of 20.

Resilience factor: It means the rebound potential of the mattress. You should choose one with the higher resilience because that means it more rebound and thus more durable.

Types of latex: Latex is of two types, natural and synthetic. Natural latex is the one obtained from the sap of Hevea brasilensis, while synthetic latex is produced artificially using petrochemicals in a laboratory.

Points to remember while buying a foam mattress

Apart from the above points that you need to keep in mind while the selecting the right mattress, here are some more points that will help you make a better choice.
Your budget,
The right stores are some of the factors that you should consider.
If you have a bad backache every morning, then it is a high time you change your mattress. You should also consider your budget before you embark on your mattress shopping.
Also study the above points and check each mattress in the store for the same. Actually, when you know the different terms associated with foam mattresses and your budget and requirements, selecting the right mattress will be easier.

Never go to a store blank as you, as a customer should have some basic ideas about mattresses, only then, will the shop will be able to help you choose the best.
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