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An Inevitable Requirement of Every House - The Stainless Steel Bars

by harry (follow)
Every home is majorly built on the materials of metals, especially the steel. Steel or iron is known as the King of the metals as its used in almost the entire house in one or the other form right from the rods used for construction of a building till the kitchen in the form of utensils to the bedrooms in the form of bed. It’s widely used for the construction purposes as they don't easily corrode, rust or stain with the contact of water as the ordinary steel does. In the domain of metallurgy, stainless steel is also known the Inox steel or just the inox. It's a steel alloy of iron with a minimum of 10.5% chromium in it. Chromium produces a thin layer known as the 'passive layer' of oxide on the steel's surface and thus prevents the further corrosion of the surface. So, more the chromium content more will be the resistance to the corrosion. They also contain in varying quantity the amount of Carbon, Silicon and Manganese metals depending on the usage or purpose of the steel.

Stainless Steel Bars

The uses of this alloy are many. Few famous among them are:

1. Domestic purposes - Here is the wide usability of stainless steel that are used in the sinks, microwave oven liners, utensils like the saucepans, etc.

2. Construction - is the second widely used area of steel with its usage in handrails, lintels, as steel wires used in the suspension bridges, steel beams, steel sheets, etc.

3. Locomotives - The hulls of ships, its engine and anchor chains, and the bodies of cars including all the steel sections like the electrical steels, steel wires, etc.

4. Engineering - The steel bars that are used for the engineering purposes come in the huge range of varying shapes, sizes, colors and qualities depending on its end use. Tool steels, free cutting steels, the gears, engines, electrical motors are the various applications of stainless steel in engineering purposes.

5. Medical - the surgical instruments, the inbuilt and inner components of the devices like the MRI scanners, X-Ray machines, etc. are made of the stainless steel.

6. Chemical/pharmaceutical- The steel is used in the pressure vessels, process piping, etc.
The above listed are few of the most widely used areas of stainless steel. They shape, size of it varies according to its end use in various fields. There are different types of stainless steel too.

Varieties of stainless steel and their applications:

1. Austenitic - This is the most common type of stainless steel used widely. It is steel derived from the addition of Nickel, Manganese and Nitrogen. It has the similar structure as that of the normal steels and shows the same property as them when melted at high temperatures. This structure gives these steels the characteristic combination of form-ability and weld-ability.

2. Ferritic - These have a similar micro-structure as the carbon and how the low alloy steels have. These are based on the chromium with smaller amounts of carbon, which is less than 0.10%. But they lack the toughness when welded but have the resistance to stress corrosion cracking. They are magnetic and are not formable as the austenitic steels.

3. Martenistic - These are similar to ferritic steel based on the chromium but have the higher carbon levels as 1% which lets them be hardened and tempered like that of the carbon and low alloy steels. These are most widely used where high strength and moderate corrosion is required with the magnetic property in them.

There are many local suppliers for stainless steel bar, and you can contact them when you are making a building or going for any commercial construction.

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